Saturday, 8 October 2011

Boys awayy

Hi bloggies. Well today not going anywhere, stay at home with beloved family and sit in front of the computer like almost every seconds. Since the pmr holidays, I only study mathematics and I do a lot of exercises. Well at least I'm studying even it just for one subject. And guess what? Now I do really love Phytaghoras' Theorem topic. Previously, I don't like it like so much. But now, since I do some exercises on this topic it is as simple as abc. I think I need to stop doing maths for a while and start with the other 7 subjects left. Hopefully. 

Back to the topic, today it just me and Ebby here at home with my parents. Where does my two brothers been? Well, they're going to Melaka with Maklong and Paklong. Since Haqeem and Aiman are the only boys, so they decided to bring my two brothers which are Zikri and Zaki to follow them. So that their sons got friends to play with. They went there for 2 days. Which means tomorrow they'll come back home here. Actually there is a feast there but I don't know why my parents don't wanna go. So I stayed at home with them.

The benefits my brothers was not home are, I can be the only one whom conquer the computer. So I can use it whenever I want. Besides, there's no one who will get into fight with me and Ebby. Andddd so on and so on. Haha thats it. 

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