Friday, 4 March 2011

Exam ? -,-

Whoah, it's March guys. Whoa whoa whoa, how fast the time is fly away. I thought it's still January. LOL. Talk about March, yes I've exams next week. Ohgod, the test will start next week on Monday. Oh oh oh gilalah.

Rasa macam tak belajar ape pun lagi doe then suddenly nak exam dah. Huih asdfghjkl crap -.- Ya Allah please help me through it out. Give me calmness of mind to study. I really need a brain that full of knowledges. Hah pleaseee.

The exam will be held on 7th March - 10th March 2011. Oh please wish me luck and pray for my success yeah. Oh and yes, we all must really study hard and smart 'cause now, SMK Jalan Empat is one of the Sekolah Berprestasi Tinggi (SBT). So yeah, we must work hard to collect A's.

Okay, all SMKJE students, wish you guys good luck for this coming exam kay. Do the best and make our teacher proud of us. 

- izz :D

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