Wednesday, 3 May 2017

20 Wishes


Well, I'm here welcoming the number '2' in front of my age now.

Officially 20 today. 


Some of the things I wish for my 20s ;

1. I wish for a better me, of course to get through my 20s journey.

2. I wish to grad on time!!!

3. I wish to talk to everyone and anyone, as small talk can lead to new opportunities, friendships and hope perhaps?

4. I wish to be more independent during my 20s cuz gurl, you know you can't depend on others for so long aite

5. I wish to learn to cook more of good foods because I love eating.

6. I wish to take more risks.

7. I wish to be as busy as I can be without complaining. By being busy I mean creating memories and achieving goals.

8. I wish to go for more road trips alone, also with them people of good company.

9. I wish to get myself organized as I'm getting older........and wiser......... Erk.

10. I wish to spend my money wiser and not simply buying those unnecessary things just because it is cute hehe

11. I wish to have my own car before entering the 30s.

12. I wish I will consistently journal and keep everything I do as my memories. 

13. I wish I can learn to say no to certain things and stop pretending that I can handle everything on my own.

14. I wish to read more of good books/articles/mags

15. I wish I'll get to embrace my potential and talent (err lets just assume if i have one ok?)

16. I wish to earn my own income before entering the 30s journey.

17. I wish to pursue my studies in master, insyaallah.

18. I wish I can refrain myself from committing my heart to the wrong person. #ehoops

19. I wish I can control my ego as I'm growing up...

20. I wish to be physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally stronger than ever to face all the hurdles and simply to stay alive.

Happy 20th birthday, dear self.


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