Friday, 26 August 2016

Writing Challenge #26

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Day 26 : Write about an area in your life that you'd like to improve.

My ability to control emotions.

That's probably the first thing I'd like to improve in my life. Emotion secretly kills me inside. When I'm sad, I has a face as long as a fiddle. When I'm mad, I'll be as mad as a wet hen. I'll go completely insane when I'm in a bad mood (especially during pms). And unintentionally, I'll hurt others' feelings. I say what I didn't actually meant. I curse a lot. And I'll regret everything the next few minutes when I'm calm. 

My dad once asked me to control over my emotion when I was apart from home because it will affect myself in everything I do. Like when I was in matrix, it affected my studies. Hence I can't score for the first sem, and been regretting over it until now. I know I can do better but I've been distracted by my own feelings. 

Somehow, the mind is all that matters. You think positive, you'll be positive. 

Stay positive, even when your whole world is falling apart; 
said me to myself.


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