Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Writing Challenge #24

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Day 24 : Write about a lesson that you've learned the hard way.

Most lessons in life are learned the hard way. 

I tend to get upset and disappointed for every time I put my hopes/expectation high. Of course, everyone would feel the same as I do when we've planned things but it doesn't go our way. I once lay on bed-cried and stayed in my room for the whole freaking day simply because I was so dejected miserable crestfallen downhearted sad depressed--you name it all. The reason is kinda personal so I'm not going into details ya.

I learned to be more patience. I tried to search for the positive side. I bawled my eyes out whilst looking on the other perspective. I persuaded myself that there's still hope so have faith.

As I grown up, I started to look at things in different ways. Perhaps I'm getting mature (even though still being clingy and immature, sometimes). Now I realized that good things do come after being patience for so long. Maybe He knows the plan we made will destroy us in any way. Maybe the things we hope for aren't good for us. Maybe it was just a test from Him as He will not burden you more than you can bear. The Almighty is wise, fair and affectionate.

There is always a beauty in everything we've been through.


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