Sunday, 1 March 2015

Life update

1. It has been 2 weeks since I got back from National Service which means I've been repeating my current routine-- eat, sleep, playing my phone for two freakin weeks!

2. I'm currently working as a...........nah, just kidding. I'm an unemployed. I'm jobless. I WANT MONEYYYYY. I NEED MONEY.

3. This is an ugly truth but I AM GETTING FATTER. Ok, shut up. My cheeks are getting chubby and I look like a big-fat-lazy panda with my eyebag and dark circle under my eyes. (Its okay, I'm still cute anyway)

4. I am happy and thankful for his existence in my life.

5. I miss Pelangi Hill Resort so bad!

6. I have so many things to be adapted lately. My brain can't even interpret it, I'm baffled and stressed out somehow. From a lovely surprises-a special treat-shocking news-annoying gossip-immature attitude--- and many more.

7. Since today is the 1st of March, I have like 1 day maybe before the day for SPM result. Oh my god, I am scared as hell. I don't even feel like going to school this tuesday. I don't want to disappoint anybody. I am freaking afraid. Nervous. Ok enough, lets just pray and have faith in Him. I hope everything goes well. Hoping for the best for all 97s!


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