Saturday, 17 March 2012

March Test

How I wish this...
Hello people. So is it too late for me to update about the March Test? I think, no. Ahaa. March Test quite easy. Easy ah? I think, it's easy because syllabus tak banyak lagi masuk yang form 3. Form 1 and Form 2 pun tak banyak. Ada la about 5%. Right? It's easy, but still, I can't score. Ha ha. Kalau baca buku from kulit to kulit, sure you can pass the test with flying colours. Soalan senang tapi aku yang bodoh tak baca buku. Kalau baca confirm boleh jawab. Eh. I didn't mean that I don't study for the test. I study but hmm... Nyanyok. 

I'm a PMR candidate. Omg..................... *dead* And this is the second test after Diagnostic Test. I'm hoping that I'll get good marks for this March Test. Please. Will update about my result soon. If, I get a good grade ah. Pray for me.  

P/s ; One more day till school..

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