Wednesday, 16 March 2011

It's between you and me

Hi wehh :D
I know kau mesti baca punyelah enn? Yeah well, kau kan stalker sejati oopss, I mean follower sejati aku. Cehh bangga nii. lol k you know everything I wrote here right? And well, I also know that you know it. Hey you, dengar cerita kau ambil tahu about yg aku cakap ada someone blablabla tuu. 

And, I heared that there's some people know a gossip about me? From you? Oh man, so means you talked badly behind me? How dare you -.- Well, if you know something about me from those post, just shut your mouth up laa. There's no need to go here and there to talk 'bout it. Tak payah nak jaga tepi kain aku sangat laa. Jaga tepi kain kau tu je kang nampak pulak seluar dalam colour ape kang. -,-'

And now, I know that one of my friend know 'bout that gossip. Eh hello, are you just want to embarrass me in front of my friends? Come on, if you know something, let it be a secrets between you and me. No need nak pergi sana sini cari the truth. Then tanya sana sini so that diorang semua tahu. If you really wanna know, come and ask me by yourself. Takpayah tanya orang lain 'cause the really full truth of the story is only me and myself know. 

I hope you'll understand. Kau malukan aku kau tau tak? Kalau orang tu tahu ada ni ada tu blabla itu semua hanya untuk memalukan aku je kau tau? Nanti lepas tu diorang semua datang tanya dekat aku betul ke weh betul ke. And aku macam orang bodoh taktau ape jadi. Eii please jangan nak kecoh sana sini macam mak minah baru balik dari pasar okay? Annoying la wehh .-. 

And again, I hope after this, you'll not going to pokpekpokpek about me at others. Keep it as a secret if you're reading my post. And what inside it, keep it carefully. 

Thanks sebab kau faham,
- izz (:

P/S ; This can be either a girl or a boy .
thankyou :D

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